ich bin ein peterpreneur

I have never fitted into one particular box really, at least not all the time or for long. Except that is for playing football and my street art ventures. One might say I am a specialist at being a generalist, a jack of many trades - a master of some.

A curious mind, a pioneer, professional nomad, a self-proclaimed passioneer, trailblazer, re-inventor, coollaborator, project maker, creative producer, imagineer, an artist-by-association perhaps? A wannamaker.

Or simply a valuable co-worker and enthusiast of adventurous ideas, someone who enjoys teamplay and is open to outcome. Call me what you will. I'll stick with Peterpreneur for now.

I have to go where curiosity, inspiration and imagination take me.

I suppose my contributions depend on the people and ideas I meet, the projects I envision or the teams I participate in. And which of my natural talents are required then and there. A matter of serendipity: The right peter, in the right place at the right time.

That happens when that happens. But whatever the role I take on, the bottom line is: I really love to go on journeys that create value, beauty and joy together with like-minded others. Or at least hold that promise.

It is a road full of trial and error, with no guarantees for success, still it is nourishment for the soul. For me that journey is in most cases also my destination. Inspiration is nourishment for Life.

©2022 peter in progress
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