what they say about me

Chantal Poiesz

Trainer, transformational coach, teacher and entrepreneur.

"I know Peter already for quite some years and I know him as an enthusiastic and passionate entrepreneur. When having ideas or some thoughts Peter is always willing to sit down with me and see where I'm heading. Asking the right questions and paying really attention to what you want he is one of those rare people who are able to listen. He has an extended network and already has been able to ' hook' me up with people who are able to get my ideas moving. I would describe Peter as a warm, creative and innovative person who is willing to listen and look at the world from a new perspective. "

Jasper van Impelen

Founder Aperelaxed.

"Peter is a man with passion, who chose to work and live from his heart. With this passion he inspires and supports others who also find themselves in the process of  manifesting their life dreams. It is also the main driver and carrier when he's initiating new and surprising ideas. In both cases Peter is a firm believer of working together based on equivalence, involvement, connectivity and reciprocity. He's a great guy and a sincere pleasure to work and be with."

Kenneth Goedhart

Sr. Communication advisor City of Amsterdam.

"Peter has been a great friend for a long time. I have known him to be warm, honest, loyal and creative. Always carving out his own path in life and passionate about helping others finding theirs. "

Caroline Dekker

Founder Feel Inspired. Heartworker, publisher, coach, value creator & more.

"I know Peter as someone who usually is ahead of his time, and yet remains rooted in the here and now. He is a genuine connector, brings people together resulting in valuable experiences. Peter inspires not only others with his original plans and ideas; he also helps you to further shape your passion to deliver it to the world. Peter connects, creates, plays, feels, passes along, provides space, contributes and beautifies. Indeed, that above all. Peter, just by his presence, makes the world more beautiful!"

Julie Kirk

Fine artist, 3D street artist, author, lecturer and teacher.

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Jorrit Jorritsma

Founder and Director Millican.

"I got to know Peter as a passioneer with lots of creativity and sensibility. A caring person, always prepared to exchange ideas or personal and professional insights that may help you shed some light on your path as it unfolds."

Frank Heckman

Founder Embassy of the Earth.

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Noor Bongers

Changemaker and souldoctor.

"Peter! Adventurer and always close to home, because he's not afraid to follow his heart. Earthly, fantastic, honest."

Melanie Stimmell Van Latum

Fine artist, 3D street artist.

"Peter is an amazing innovator and think tank. He single handedly brought the art of street painting to The Netherlands. Peter is a pleasure to work with and is always thinking outside the box. I can honestly say it has been an absolute honor to work with and get to know him over the last 15 years. "

Margot Cooijmans

Director Philips Foundation.

"As a dear friend, I appreciate the meetings and discussions with Peter on life, obstacles, solutions, ideas and passions, things that make life interesting, mystical sometimes. We also talk about and share insights on entrepreneurship. Peter is a driven entrepreneur, a social talent, a connector, enthusiastic, smart, creative and pleasant to be with."

Ana Lia Alvarez

Writer, producer, facilitator, activist.

"First of all Peter is a dear friend, warm hearted, witty and humorous. This is what I appreciate about him the most. As well as his talent to connect from the heart with like minded all over the world. A vision of a more conscious planet is what brought us together and which we've shared and worked on passionately."

Sharon Franquemont

international intuition trainer, consultant, coach, and speaker.

"Peter's dedication and enthusiasm for life's mystical, artistic, and intuitive connections drew us together at The Institute of Noetic Sciences in California. The Institute was founded by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell in response to his vision of planetary oneness on his way back to the Earth from the Moon. Peter belongs to this vision in whatever way his multi-talented self expresses at the moment. He is collaborative, creative and fun to be around and willing to adventure into the depths of what it means to be human. We are fortunate to have him as a colleague and a friend."

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