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The Streetpainting Games

dutch art student team championships


Urban Art Courts

a public space for local talent


The ART Box

Klik hier en begin te typen. Quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt



the writing's on the wall


Last of the Madonnari

cultural heritage documentary project


Playground Maxima Center

wildcard coollab


Passioneers for Passioneers

everybody needs a buddy sometime


Somebody Makes a Difference

short animation film project


Great Place To Live 1.0

building a village together


The Personal Brandstore

an aspiring cooperative initiative


Invite Me Over #QPQ

travel support & exchange project



special projects on the side. Non-profit agency for creative olympians.



Who's On Board? travel app, connect with fellow travelers


Same Name Day

claim your name and meet the people that have your name too


curious? wanna join in or adopt? #checkS.P.O.T.S.

for more information contact me