Luctor et emergo.  

Unknown person (Zeeland, 1585)

Football. My first act of inspiration and my first big life adventure. A passion was born. Natural talent as a team captain gradually emerged thru teamplay >

As with Football, school showed I had a talent for learning also. It lead me all the way to graduating from Business School in 1992, be it not the easy way >

After graduation I embarked on my first real travel adventure. Together with two college buddies I backpacked thru the USA & Central America for 3 months > 

With KAYOO now as my compass and carrier, I wanted to focus more and more on ideas & projects to inspire myself and possibly others. i.e. the Kayoostore >

After my return I started to explore other, more intuitive, social and holistic trends in work/life - still clueless yet slowly carving out a new path as I went along >

I did find myself in a No Man's Land for the next few years. Had one great last experience with the DalaiLamaVisit '99, before my inevitable burn-out in 2000 >

I was lost for a good while but was able at some point to find true parts of myself again, which in 2001 resulted in the birth of KAYOO, my source of inspiration >

At around the same time I fell head over heels in love with the beauty of chalk art, prompted by an accidental visit to a Chalk Art Festival in the USA, in 2001 >

My new path became clearer. I parted in 2005 with my last job at the GreatPlace ToWorkInstitute NL, leaving behind the seed for the birth of GreatPlaceToLive >

Business As Usual did not agree with me really. One challenge after another. I needed to change course, and in 1996 an opportunity presented itself: IONS

Meanwhile ever since my first kayoo street art project in 2003, my pavement art hobby kept growing organically, and I therefore started >

My Kayoostore concept became deVIPstore (Very Inspiring People), and the shop became an SRV-truck. The start of another educational journey >

One of my wildest and for sure most unexpected kayoo adventures at the time was with this giant Legoman. He became a worldwide phenomenon >

A fun side project was the launch and hosting of the Soulfood Cinema Cafe, a monthly movies-that-matter sunday brunch to screen inspiring films & clips >

Still there were more ideas & projects, such as KJUUB - the Fun Furniture Project, that gave birth to a new product idea, the Mister Sticky XL Note Pad >

A cool adventure was my first Guinness World Records project, setting a new world (team)record at 750m2 for Largest 3D Anamorphic Pavement Art in 2009 >

in 2010, after de VIP-truck adventure had long run its course, I made another yet unsuccessful attempt at relaunching the Kayoo Personal Brand Store >

From then on I decided to focus fully on my street painting activities with my personal brand Planet Streetpainting to see where that would take me.....  >

The following 10 years I was fortunate to spread the beauty & joy of Street Painting over more than 20 countries, leaving imprints on people  & places >

In 2020 covid brought everything to a complete standstill. Time to nurture myself and go back to basics, integrate and apply the lessons learned >

2021 hopefully marks the year of new beginnings, with a refreshed mind, a rested body, a new focus and many new cool adventures. Fingers crossed!